Lego Projects


An orrery powered by a single motor, built with my son Benjamin, November 1994.

Jeremy's mosaic murals and other creations

Sydney skyline, designed and constructed by my son Jeremy, April 2008, from over 26,000 1x1 bricks. (Watch a time-lapse movie of its construction.)

Jeremy also built a prize-winning Lego ship in a bottle. Read about how he did it here.

See more of Jeremy's mosaics and other Lego projects at his MOCpages site or at his web site, LBrickArt.

The South Pole base

Read about the real station, and (in an FAQ) about my Lego model of it.

Block Party

This vignette comes with a description that reads: "Two plates and a tile walk into a bar. The bartender says ...". What did the bartender say? You're supposed to use your imagination, just like you would with any other Lego model.

Some people want to know what the bartender really said. We have it on good authority that this conversation took place:

Bartender: Where'd you get that?

Tile: In Denmark -- they've got millions of 'em there!

Psim: the psychic robot monkey

Psim (hanging from the string) nears his reward for a long day of mind-reading. Read about Psim and about forecasting using predictor arrays.

George Moody