Why Linux ?

If you're even asking this question, then I suggest you stop here. Anyone will tell you that just because you have purchased a new toy does not mean you have to put up with the vendor supplied toy operating system.

Installation using the 3 diskette system

Redhat installs do not support PCMCIA floppy disks. This is the reason why all Libretto users have been having problems installing this version of Linux onto them. Once it's on it runs like a dream.

I looked around and everyone was asking for a method of installing Redhat without the need to use another PC, remove the disk or purchase any additional hardware just for an installation.

This is where the following 3 diskette images take over. The disks include a boot disk, and two data diskettes. The first diskette enables you to boot the system and it controls the extraction of the other 2 diskettes. Once this is complete you have all you need sitting on the Hard drive enabling the system to boot into Linux with a kernel and drivers that support PCMCIA.

The following cards have been tested by myself

  1. 3Com PCMCIA 3C589D - NFS install.
  2. Adaptec SCSI PCMCIA (supplied with Sony PRD-250WN)- CD-ROM install.

Redhat 5.0 disk images

Redhat 5.1 disk images

Download the images and create copies.

Thanks goes to : Victor Gvirtsman, George Moody and Grant Taylor. oh and Toshiba !

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Created By: Kevin Tomlinson
Date Created: 03 June 1998
Date Last Modified: 23 June 1998